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Artificial Intelligence & Emotional Intelligence, a Collaborative Reflection

A Collaborative Reflection

I am thrilled to share the enriching experience of a recent workshop that I co-animated with Hocine Ousmer ❒ , the Head Digital & Communication Manager at Datategy . This collaborative venture, titled “Artificial Intelligence, between Uses and Emotions: What impacts on our daily life?” took place at the Media-library of Villeparisis Friday, November 24th, starting at 7:15 PM.

Our workshop, spanning 2 & ½ hours, delved into the intricate relationship between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emotional Intelligence (EI). The session commenced with Mr. Ousmer’s insightful AI presentation, constituting approximately 65% of the overall content, followed by my exploration of Emotional Intelligence, covering the remaining 35% of the displayed material.

The heart of our workshop lay in the synergy between these two domains, as we navigated through the implications of AI on our daily lives. The blend of technological advancements and human emotions formed the crux of our discussions, providing a holistic perspective on the evolving landscape of our digital era.

A significant highlight of the evening was the engaging Q & A session that ensued, where both our onsite and online audience actively participated. Special thanks to Bruno Garcia, the digital manager of the Villeparisis media-library, for orchestrating the workshop seamlessly and ensuring a smooth flow of dialogue.

Reflecting on this collaborative endeavor, I found the evening to be exceptionally constructive, creative, and exciting. Mr. Ousmer’s informative insights into AI captivated and energized our audience, while my expertise in Emotional Intelligence aimed to soothe and reassure. The positive reception from our audience reinforces the need for more discussions at the intersection of technology and human emotions.

In conclusion, this workshop was not just an event but a collaborative journey that I am eager to revisit. The symbiotic relationship between AI and EI holds immense potential, and I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this dynamic conversation. Looking forward to more collaborative initiatives that propel innovation and understanding of both ever-evolving fields.